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Zoppini Charms Info Page

Getting Started

Generally, people start with a starter bracelet, which is a charm bracelet with plain stainless steel links. Then add individually chosen charms to make the bracelet entirely unique.

How it works.

Zoppini Italian charms have been designed and made to withstand damage from everything a normal day brings, so they don’t just come apart easily. There is a bit of a knack to fitting and detaching the charms which just takes a bit of getting used to. We have supplied some diagrams to help you practise.

How many Links Do I Need?

A starter bracelet comes with 14 links. You can add or detach links to make the bracelet exactly right for you. Please consult the table below to see whether you need to order any additional links for your wrist size.

Wrist Size Links Needed
inches cm  
6 1/4 15.5 16
6 1/2 16 17
7 17.5 18
7 1/4 18 19
7 3/4 19 20
8 20 21

Fitting and Removing Charms

Use your thumb to push the front side of
the link upwards, this will slide open the clasp.

This clasp hooks onto the bar of the link
you are adding

Once the clasp is securely hooked onto
the bar the spring mechanism will
slot the new link into place.


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